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To add pictures of your system, first go to the GALLERY, then click on the 'add images' button.



Select FEATURED SYSTEMS. If you do not select this category, your album won't show up in the Featured Systems feed and I won't know you've added one! Don't be a boob. Follow directions.




Create a New Album. IF you are adding more pics to an existing Featured System album, then of course choose Existing Album:




In this area, please name your system YOUR USER NAME'S SYSTEM. Failure to do this will make me frustrated because you didn't FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!




Add the name and write stuff, if you choose. Toward the bottom are additional features for your album. Please make this for yourself...



Make it public...and ensure only you can add pictures...




Choose the sort order, or if you would like to allow comments. This is the default.




Click Create Album.




Either click and drag pictures from your PC to the space with the the '+' sign, or click on the area and you can choose files from your computer or phone.




You may get a notice that it needs to be approved. Please don't get offended. This is how I can track who adds an album so they can receive their medal.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Have fun!




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I think it was called 'Member Systems' and if Rich Featured it, then you got the medal.


It is now Featured Systems and if I like your system, you get a medal. If I don't, you get banned. So choose your pics wisely.


Image result for mlp maud pie

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