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This made me laugh. Out loud.

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I ran across this guy a while back.  I enjoyed this routine.  He also has a funny routine involving rubber ducks that my kids especially enjoyed.


This one almost made my wife pee herself


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This guy does have a good delivery...  (Thank you Mark for starting this thread - need more humor !)


Along the lines of spam mail, I caught this one this afternoon - I've thought of writing a similar script..., but it's more telling of the level of service that passes for "customer service" these days...


No AI here, for sure.


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I'm glad I don't need it, but if I did, I would SOOOO want to do that to a thief.  The only think I might change is if I could somehow add a mist of superglue to the glitter.  :D   (So much for my sweet, innocent, demeanor, eh?)

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8 hours ago, Daddyjt said:

WARNING* This clip would most likely be rated “PG-13” by the MPAA


It made me cringe. :D

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