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PF Wish You Were Here SACD reissue.

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The CBS Mastersound 24 bit SBM gold cd version of this is very good. However, I've not seen a decent used copy that isn't well over $50US. 


Wish You Were Here and The Division Bell are my favorite Pink Floyd albums. I keep hoping Mofi will release both of them on vinyl or SACD.


Thanks for the heads up and the link Mark.

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43 minutes ago, Daddyjt said:

This will probably be worth picking up if you are into SACD at all. Due for re-release this December. 


(This might be the one to break me out of my PF malaise ?)




I bought this when it first released, sounds great.


Also available as pre-order at music direct.


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Thanks for the heads up ogld98gtp.  Acousticsounds wanted $15 for shipping.  Mark thanks for starting the thread and starting the information flowing.   Even though I bought this for a friend of mine probably 10 years ago for $50, I was happy to pre-order from music direct and only pay $5 for shipping for a total of $40.  The best thing is that it is shipping in December and I'm sure I'll have long forgotten that I ever bought it.  Bonus!

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