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20 minutes ago, Zenith4me said:


That could be my living room if it wasn't for the WAF.....lol.

Mine wasn't terribly thrilled when I "wheeled in" some big Polk SRS 2.3's  (slightly smaller than coffins) 8-[

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"Forget the front of that wall, can you imagine the spaghetti factory explosion of wiring, behind it???"     




"There were numerous renditions and developments of the Wall, but the largest version used 586 JBL speakers and 54 Electrovoice tweeters and was powered by 48 McIntosh MC-2300 amplifiers, which resulted in a continuous 28,800 watts. It stood three stories high and about 30 meters wide, the first line array system of this scale ever assembled. High-quality audio could be heard at 200 meters, with decent sound up to another 200 metres, at which point wind started to degrade the audio." 

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