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Shipping company for large speakers ???

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5 minutes ago, Dav-Em said:

Can anyone recommend a reputable shipping company to ship large speakers cross-country?

This would be a pick-up and would need to be packaged for the journey.

Check on Uship.. Check the reviews and you can find a good carrier.. Sent speakers from Scottsdale to Chicago with no damage.. 110 lbs each.. $400 iirc.

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Thanks Jim. I'll look into that.


Just to clarify > I want to buy another pair of AR9s located in Idaho. Seller only offers Local Pick-up but is willing to accommodate a shipping company picking them up. They need to be shipped to the northeast.

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I've used Uship, they contracted with R&L trucking.  


However, getting them packed, and strapped to a pallet is a requirement.


...and, I would not trust the "packing" part to the shipper/carrier.  


I was fortunate enough that the seller was willing to do the packing and strapping to a pallet.  That cost more $$ - but if you want them to arrive safely..., a necessary step.


I've always balanced the cost of "driving the distance" and being my own carrier.  I've driven 400 miles (both ways) once, to pick something up - took the whole day, but I felt it the best option.


On the extreme side..., I still contemplate driving as far as AZ (from Chicago) for one thing on my bucket list..., but haven't found a way to get away with a 4 day trip, yet!  ?


Oh, I also have a truck, so my mileage costs are at about 15MPG at the going rate for fuel, which changes over time.


just some thought to ponder.




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