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After some research in Network Player, I got the Cambridge Audio Azur 851n Flagship Network player

David H.

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HI Guys,

After researching and looking into Network Player, The Cambridgge Azur 851n really fit the bill in what I needed. It originally started with looking for a new CD/SACD player and that alone had big price tag inregards to any kind of upgrade from my Oppo 95 cd/SACD player. I also was looking for a new New Network server since the Polk 1 omni was driving me crazy. It was a pain in the ass to get hooked up to the network, and then it would just drop off. So I was basically not using it any longer. I am going to use this as  a DAC, and use the Oppo as a transport. It's gotten great reviews, it was a little more pricey than what I originally was looking for, But I purchase one of these on ebay, through Cambridges site and got a 

"Refurbished" unit for $1,124.99. I should get it next week some time, so I'll keep you posted with my thoughts and more important how it sound. If anyone out there is familiar with the Cambridge  Azur 851n, It would be great to hear your thoughts.

Cambridge audio Azur 851n.png

Cambridge Azur 851n.png

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I've had its little brother the Cambridge Audio CXN for about a year and a half and have been using it to bring digital sources (Cambridge Audio CD transport, and streaming) into my CT-17 and M-500T Mk II.  I was shocked at how much  my sound improved over my old Sony CD player.  I can only assume that's the high quality DACs at work and your's should be even better.  I haven't made the leap into SACD world, but the hi fi streaming sources available on line are pretty impressive.  In fact one of the unexpected pleasures of getting into the streaming sources via the CXN has been playing around exploring the internet radios out there.  Free is good....free hi fi over a quality system is VERY good.

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From what I found out, that very nice unit that you are using. Free is good, I’ve been spending a fortune on Vynly and Cd’s/SACD ‘ s are hard to find locally. Cambridge from what I’ve read really stands out for the monies for network devices . Looking forward to the audition, and see how the DAC’s are for CD’s. Thanks for the info.

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My follow up on the Cambridge 851n.

I really liked this unit, But ended up returning it for a couple of reasons.

One major for me was that I wasn’t able to take advantage of the DAC inside it while place SACD’s. Even though I don’t own a lot of SACD’s, the idea was that I wanted to improve my CD experience in any form that I played it. Another issue was for some reason I was not able to hook up the unit to My Oppo 95 via the  hi def Co axial cable. The signal would fade in and out. I purchased this units as a refurbished unit, so there  is a possiblility that is may have had some minor defect, But I’m sure that if I wanted to hang on to it I could of recieved another without having any issue’s.


On the positive side, I really did like the sound and ease of how it played. It has a great look, and for the monies it comes with all the bells and whistles that you can’t find for that price range. It did upscale everything which worked out great when you were listening to Sirius, pandora or anything else less than the quality of Tidal, which is a HI Def streaming service, a must for us high end audio nuts. But, I was told that this upscaling , which there was no way of turning off is not nescessarly a good thing. I personally didn’t mind it, but can see where it may be an issue.  


I’m going back to my original plan of getting a new DAC, and using the Oppo 95 for the time being as a transport. After a lot of research on my end, I have settled on a DAC by the name of :

L.K.S audio MH-DA004 , with dual ESS 9038 pro  running in mono on each side , amanero USB Audio’s DAC , made in china which some may not perfer , for apx . $1,395.00. What I liked about it is the use of the two high end 9038 DAC’s by ESS, The various inputs including HDMI,  which I understand is the only way to really transfer the SACD /DSD info back and forwth between the Oppo CD player and DAC, both optical and coaxial digital inputs, rca and balanced input with Balanced outputs. So Far, very good reviews on both build , quality control and sound performance for it price range.


But my biggest project now will be my roomtreatment to handle all the issues of the reflections of the low ceiling, glass and hardwood floors. I hope you find some of this info of some help, please just PM me if you would like more detailed information.

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Added info on HDMI Tranfer of info
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10 hours ago, David H. said:

Nice site for SCAD's, Thanks. 




I don't know if this applies to you, but when I buy SACD's I want them to be multi-channel.  I've bought from Music Direct, but they have a very poor selection of mulit-channel/5.1  

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