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**Carversite UPDATES** [Please FOLLOW this Topic!!!!]


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9 hours ago, xavionics said:

Hey Greg, just want to say a huge THANK YOU for all you do!


I know from first-handed experience, working behind the scenes can feel lonely and thankless.

TheCarverSite continues to be the place I kick off my day.👍👍


And thank you! I don't mind being 'behind the curtain'. I just want the community to stay healthy and grow.


Wow - people are being nice! This is great!

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15 minutes ago, Sk1Bum said:

Can you add birthdays back to the front page?


The widget was changed so it was removed by the upgrade. I added it back now.

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@Nahash5150 Greg, thank you for all you do!  I appreciate this site very much and understand it must take a lot to maintain.  Don't know how you do it with your busy schedule cranking out wonderfully refurbished gear.  I need a shot of whatever gives you all that energy. :)

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6 hours ago, Nahash5150 said:


You mean like reactions?



Yeah, that too. :D

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Hey there, Greg. Harry tried to sign on and got error - I had his pw and username and tried for him and said locked. Can you check it out and let me and / or him know via text how we can get him back on. He is out of hospital and dying to check out the site again.

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Password reset for Harry and email sent to both you and Harry.


Best wishes for Harry.

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