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**Carversite UPDATES** [Please FOLLOW this Topic!!!!]

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Okay, so I didn't complete the update yesterday because this new update is going to break some of our customizations. It's much more extensive than the norm, so I have to do some research, backup some

Major new engine update is available. I'm going to have to do some research and ensure our 3rd party plug-ins will survive (like our live chat). I'll post a notice with date and time of the update, wh

Thank you gentlemen!   There's a lot that has changed, although many of them may not be important to your typical visiting experience. This is just part 1, I'll post more changes as I filter

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Overall VERY nice! I'm finding the Vuex theme to be far more readable - especially when I'm using my phone.  The only downside, which was already mentioned, is the blue on green for some things like @Nahash5150 - which is completely unreadable, but perhaps better that way at times.


I, too, am finding the new site faster, and I use a mix of browsers and systems.


Well done, and Thanks!!!

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Lookin' Good, Greg.  It is more readable.  And yes, my eyesight's finally beginning to settle down.  I'm still farsighted as can be, but that's to be expected with this Cataract biz...

Stay safe everyone...I'm Spinning "The Doors" Infinite Box set and listening to my vintage system SX-1980/A-760x.  They're cruisin' like they're doin' the backstroke!

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50 minutes ago, RodH said:

Will the 3 themes remain, or will you set it to a single one?


I'd like there to be a default theme. Tweaking the code is not fun, so messing with more than one is a major time sink. I can keep others available, but they won't be as refined as 'the one', the default, our main vein.

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7 hours ago, itchitch said:

When selecting “follow” there is no contrast between the selection window and the background... on an iPad 

That's because Apple is for West coast noobs. :D


Can you send over a screenshot?


btw - if anyone finds a problem, please specify what theme you're using.

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5 minutes ago, itchitch said:


There was an indicator of new followed content and messages... (again iPhone)


I see, the whole top menu is way off the screen. The '+' is for 'create new' and makes a pop-out window when clicked. The pop out menu is off the boundary of the screen when you click it. Something is done F'ed up and I don't know how...

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  • Nahash5150 changed the title to **Carversite UPDATES** [Please FOLLOW this Topic!!!!]

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