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**Carversite UPDATES** [Please FOLLOW this Topic!!!!]

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2 hours ago, AndrewJohn said:

When replying, and if clicked on "Quote" link, to quote the poster your reply is closely referring to..., one can't delete the quote, if you change your mind, and don't want to include the post.  It used to be that you could highlight the quoted box, and hit the delete key (or so I thought - memory may not be accurate..., but I thought you could in the past).  You can delete the text and even edit it, in the quote, but the frame of the included previous poster remains in your reply.  Here's an example (albeit in a PM).  I tried everything to delete the quote box, but couldn't find away - if it's user error - I'm ready to learn. 😉 


You can hit CTRL-Z or the UNDO button in the editor if you quoted by mistake or wish to take it down. You can also click on the banner of the quote box to highlight it then hit the 'delete' key to remove it.


2 hours ago, AndrewJohn said:

I noticed that when you right click on the latest "page number" for a thread, to open it in a new tab, it opens the page at the top.  and you have to scroll down to the bottom and find the latest posts.  I had thought that it would go to the latest, or most recently read by me, post for a thread..., Again, my memory may be off.  I just don't recall doing all the scrolling to get to the the post that I haven't read, Or, the latest post that triggered it to show up as recent activity, each time a page of a thread is opened. For example, right clicking on page 8 of this thread, then clicking open in a  new tab from the drop down menu, opens to the top of the page, not the most recent post.


When you click on a Page Number in a Topic, it always takes you to the first post on that page. The engine can't know if you're looking for 'last unread' or if you're reading through the pages post by post.


Some things to keep in mind:


1) There is an 'Unread' button at the top of the page. This button takes the user to the last known unread post in the topic on the present page. If you haven't read any of the posts on that page, the button doesn't show up. ;)


2) The 'End' key takes you right to the bottom of any web page.


3) You can hover on a topic title and the engine will display a pop up with the first and last posts. Click on the Lastest Post tab and you'll be taken directly to the last post in that topic.


4) Design you activity streams around your routine. If you're only interested in Unread content, you can make your own stream to find all unread content since your last visit, in the last 24 hrs, etc, etc,

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thanks, @Nahash5150, Greg.


I will try the select and delete option for a quote..., I thought I had, and couldn't get it to work.  I'm sure I'm just selecting wrong, or something.


User error..., If it can exist, I can find it !! 😉 


thanks again,



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  • 4 months later...

So how come all of a sudden a 14kb size pic is too large to upload?  I tried uploading a pic of a movie off google and paste it in Marks movie corner and it said it was too big.  Dont understand. 

Edited by Rob
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14 hours ago, Rob said:

So how come all of a sudden a 14kb size pic is too large to upload?  I tried uploading a pic of a movie off google and paste it in Marks movie corner and it said it was too big.  Dont understand. 


13 hours ago, oakley104 said:

I'm thinking something is Broken....  Please standby while those that know much more look into this problem.  I had the same issue ???  


There are two basic ways to post content:


1) Upload a file

2) Embed a file


If you're using a phone (like a noob!) you may not see this next to the 'attach files' files footer:




Only certain files are accepted for security reasons.


Security is a BIG DEAL on the internet. So we can't simply allow any file to be uploaded or embeded.


When you Upload a file, you are copying it from your device and storing it on the server. Often a link will be generated in your post for others to click on and download the file. However, as in the case with Pictures, the forum engine will store the file then automatically EMBED it in your post. The engine recognizes some files to be a picture, so it does the embedding automatically. This is what we call an integration, or UX (user experience). It requires a lot of code to do a specific job.


As for YouTube videos - the reason they can be embedded is because the forum is programmed to recognize a link from YouTube and embeds it into your post.


So naturally, if you're trying to post a file that the engine doesn't recognize, it probably won't embed it or upload it.


So if you experience an error, don't be vague about it. Specify the following:


1) the file type and/or:

2) the link to the file (if you're trying to embed a link from another site)

3) where you tried to post it

4) File size (if applicable)

5) Time and date of trouble


I can modify the engine and reprogram certain features, but I have to know what you're trying to do. If it turns out you are trying to post a file or link that is safe, I can probably change the engine to accept it. 


So I hope it is clear to everyone that there is a difference between complaining and reporting. I can work on a reported issue, I can't work on a complaint. A complaint is simply an extra, unnecessary step to reach a report.



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  • 2 weeks later...

to ALL!


Attachment quotas for Members has been increased from 200Mb to 250Mb. (That is, the space you have for files and pictures you post/download).

Attachment quotas for Novices has been increased from 30Mb to 50Mb.


I am considering unlimited for ALL members above Novice. This will require a new hosting plan for our server to expand our storage. We currently have a plan for 100G on our own server (that I manage). I can upgrade to 250G for about the same we are paying now (About $80 a month).


Going to a new plan will require me to migrate to a new server of course. That means some downtime for a day. I won't need to rebuilt the site or anything, but since our IP address will change, all that DNS crap has to be done all over again.


Feedback welcome! 

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  • 2 months later...

HEADS UP - I'll be upgrading the site software again. Some new features will be available.


I'm hoping it doesn't break our theme (the colors and appearance of the site) - but the way it's been lately, it probably will. 


Still reading through the tech notes...

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  • 3 months later...

I wanted to let the community know that I have asked Greg to reactivate the Carverfest Soundroom on this site.  Ray will continue to use his site but we have agreed to keep the two synced up so that people over here can be plugged in without having to join another site.

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13 minutes ago, Receiver2000 said:

What is Carversite Soundroom? Sounds pretty good whatever it is!!!

It is simply a section of the general forum under browse and then sound rooms.  It will be used to communicate to this forum information about upcoming Carverfest events.  The vast majority of those of us that attend would like for thecarversite members to be represented and attend.  We want the event to grow.  

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  • 4 weeks later...
  • Community Admin

Carverfest has always been in North Carolina.  Other areas have been discussed,  but nothing more that I'm aware of. 

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