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AJ's Habit (OCCD and System Evolution...)

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Well, last weekend, I finally acquired the holy grail of EPI..., the rare and coveted M1000 towers.  @elgrau has built a pair of these - they are that rare to find one pair of the 500 pairs that were made.  Dimensions: 18x18x73 inches, 180lbs each.  Originally, they cost $2000 a pair, back in the 70's.  There are 4 10" drivers and 4 soft-dome oil-filled tweeters - paired on each side.  I picked these up from a fellow EPI fan, who restored the original drivers and tweeters and rewired internally and rebuilt the crossovers.  I'll do some cosmetic work, but considering their age, they have survived.  These have never really been rated, but folklore says they can handle 250w RMS easily - I pushed them.  They throw a lot of music all over the room, and you perceive to be in the middle of the stage.   I have some more positioning work to do, and will likely put the Amazings in another location to further tune these.  I will say they are much more forgiving in positioning, than the Carver Amazings are.  And, I like them both...  The Amazings and the EPI M1000's dwarf the Polk SDA-1C's (on the right edge of the picture).


WAF factor - low.  I said to Susan that I saved $5000 on the cost of a casket, I can be buried in one.  Hah! 


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in the words of the voice in the PC game DOOM, "Impressive".  Your system makes me feel like OCCD has barely infected me........grin.  Nice find AJ!  I felt like that getting my tube amp, will surely feel that way getting a Carver tube amp.......grin

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I showed your system to the wifey and she said, "I would definitely bury you in that speaker cabinet...on second thought, I'd sell the speakers and buy a cheap casket and pocket the difference"   Now that's love.

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Thank you Gentlemen.   It's been a long-road..., and I have more to travel...


Next thing on my wish list: Infinity Kappa 9's


@loner_t LoL, yes, I like my TT's "high and tight." prefer not to have to bend over to get to them.  ?


@Dadvw Oh, yes. Start a list - and just keep knocking them off...  It's how I do my OCCD journey.


@Dennis47 and @zumbini Thank you - Fellow OCCD'aholics must support each other.


@Daddyjt That is a great scene..., would love to know where those movie-prop speakers ended up - I'd go after them. Hah!


@PhilDent Hmmm, Your wife is honest!  Mine would not know the value of my gear (good thing !).

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