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dennismiller55 Shop System

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My current system used in my shop.  I like simple.  


Carver M500t mkII - Black face, white LED meter lamps - Mods by me

Carver CT-7 - Acquired from @kve777

OPPO DV980H - An excellent CDP recommended by @Blues Pwr

TEAC DS-H01 Dock - Digital docking station for iOS devices

Apple iPad 2 - Streaming Apple Music and my large Apple iCloud Music Library - Acquired from @loner_t

Pioneer PL-1000A TT Linear Tracking Turntable - The only gear I have left from my early days in the US Navy

Record Clamp/Weight - Made by @madmike46

GR Research X-LS Encore DIY Speakers -  A fun build, excellent sound, recommended by @PDR

Interconnect & Speaker Cables are DIY -  Nothing exotic, just good quality connectors and cable.







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That's a nice looking system!  Eye candy for sure.......grin  My shop is in my garage, a little too messy for a nice system like that.  One day I will enclose my bench area, then maybe something like that could be included........grin

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Dennis.....why the heck is your shop so clean....I'll have to post some of mine to show you how its done....?


Nice system.....my shop system is a 25yr old Technics avr and some old JBL book shelf 2-ways.

I like the way youve set it up, I bet it sounds great.


Hope you got value out of those GR speakers, I thought they were little gems.





That pioneer TT, isn't that the one carver rebadged?

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I just threw out a donated, to me, shop system by Sound Design. Never plugged it in. Hope to never tell my friend the donor what happened. After all, it worked well in his shop. Yikes.... Dennis, my system won't look as good, but it will be a few notches above Sound Design. Did JCPenny make that? Dunno


   Your system would be overkill for my shop, but I am envious non the less.

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Sure looks like a "Living Room" system to me..., 


My "shop" looks at the Furnace - no windows or view like that!


Very nice, Dennis.  Beautiful.  

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I have been wanting move my hobby more towards DIY.  DIY is fun.   My speakers are DIY and have been in my system for over a year.  I am very pleased with them.  The speakers are now complimented by a DIY Amplifier and Pre-amplifier.  




PREAMPLIFIER 2012 - Designed by Douglas Self-  Featured in Elektor Magazine in 2012 -  Also discussed in detail in his book "Self on Audio".


This is a very quiet system at idle.  Dead Quiet.  Very clean and crisp sonics.   I am extremely pleased with the final results.



The Amplifier:











The Preamplfier:








And a shot of the new shop system:



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That looks great Dennis - thanks for sharing!

I love combining wood and metal ... add in some home built great sounding audio components .... even better.


Is that a "parts" C1 or are you finishing the knobs?

Edited by jeffs
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nice setup!  I also enjoy DIY.  I like the amps a lot.  The GR-Research XLS Encore speakers look nice.  I was considering the x-statics until i read about the nx studio monitors,  I have a guy in Texas who can make me a flat pack for anything in the GR line.


thanks for sharing Dennis,



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