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Mark’s movie corner.

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Do you ever find yourself tired of the seemingly constant flow regurgitated movie offerings at the box office?  Avengers End, End, End game (and this time we mean it), Spider-Man 17, the latest Disney

One of my favorites is The Count of Monte Cristo.  If you like a real good vengeance movie that is not violent in nature, this is your movie.....grin

I caught this movie the other night on Netflix.  Movie from 2013 with Kurt Russel and Matt Dillon.   Takes place in Toronto, and is a double-cross film (trying not to give it away).  And, tr

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I watched this one last night. It wasn't anything special acting-wise but the plot, and the ramifications of what was done, was very interesting. It made me think...



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This is one of my favorites. Time to watch it again. Not your typical post-apocalyptic genre, where violence is the only  entertainment..., in this movie, it is a saga, a struggle, a journey, a challenge against odds for a reason that is revealed at the end... (no spoiler from me).  If you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about.





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Kid's told us we should see this movie..., "Always Be My Maybe" it has some good belly laughs in it.  Having lived in SF/Bay area for a couple decades, lots of things / experiences were familiar.  (After grinding 20 stumps out of the ground yesterday, I needed something completely mindless..., and this fit the bill with a good Cabernet.)


In particular, I thought the song at the end, during the credits, "I Punched Keanu Reeves" was clever.  And, well, shows another side of Keanu, made me think of @Daddyjt .  Yes, it's rap..., sorry..., but fun.  


To fully understand, you have to see the whole movie..., yes, Keanu is in the movie.



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Caught this Showtime Documentary last night, on Netflix.  Could be old news to many here..., I had not viewed it yet.


Held my, and my wife's attention..., brought together NY Mafia, Russian Mafia, strippers, Porky's (the movie) Vanilla Ice (the rapper), the fall of the iron curtain and its james-bond-ian post event economics, the Columbian drug cartels, Russian submarines (and nukes) fast luxury cars, helicopters, cigarette boats, and the Florida underworld..., and more, together in a movie about real bad guys, and what they got away with - in our lifetime.  It's from 2018, so you may have seen it already. 


However, there HAVE been successful use of subs, homemade and purchased post-cold-war surplus, to enable the drug trade, since this episode.  There is legitimate reason to be concerned..., it's not just a border that brings drugs in..., Underwater "wall"? makes one realize the futility of current ad hoc efforts and lack of unified strategy, when up against this kind of funding.  



When you can't buy a sub, you make your own, out of carbon fiber..., here's one:




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