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*SOLD* carver TFM15 rebuitl/upgraded

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Just got this one in before I realized I was going to need more power. I initially bought to run on some surround speakers but I have a whole other monster for that .  I need a tfm45 or 55 not the little 15 although it does a really good job on my power hungry Polks . I do not like to run at the limits I like to have headroom.  for most people this will work wonders.  I havnt run it to the max but at pretty loud levels its neck and neck with my monster Yamaha .


the work thats been done is listed below .  blue meters look fantastic but in the pics it looks like a white bonfire in a blue bubble. im going to try to take more pics of it later .


  $255 SHIPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats what i have in it and thats a bargain.  Someone else here was kind enough to make me a deal so im going to do the same.  



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24 minutes ago, Nahash5150 said:

@gentlejax You are allowed up to 1Mb per file. If you can reduce the size of your pics, you should be fine. If you go to 'Insert Other Media' to the lower right in the editor, you'll see an option for 'Luna Image Editor'. It is a website that allows you to resize and edit your image files.

thanks master Nash!

tf15 shrunk 1.jpg

tf15 shrunk2.jpg

tfm15 shrunk 4.jpg

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work done by  a person who is on here ...    yes I actually do own one..have owned 2 others and a carver sunfire processor.  once you try one you always want another i guess



Carver TFM-15 Amplifier Restored.

Has been fully torture tested and ready to provide many more years of loyal service.


The amplifier was stripped down and cleaned

Old dried out thermal paste was removed

New silicone thermal pads were added to all heat sink mounted transistors

All electrolytic caps replaced

Power caps were replaced with 22000uf 63v nippon chemi cons rated at 105c instead of 85c

This will ensure the amp lives a much healthier life. The amp draws more then what the 50v caps can provide, with the increased heat they fail.

Audio signal caps were replaced with Nichicon muse and finegold and Nichicon in the power regulator board.

The lamps were replaced with 3mm square top blue LEDs ran in series with a 7.5k resistor. Which will allow adequate brightness and longevity of the lights. They don’t flicker under load either.

Meters recalibrated

Idle current dialed in according to specifications

Rcas and speaker terminals in good shape didn’t see a need to replace at this time.


Cosmetically 9.5/10

Operation 10/10

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