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Marisha Wallace, Tomorrow was released on December 4, 2020.


"Marisha’s first album is packed with uplifting show songs and sing-along pop classics, performed with love and emotion. A delightful force of nature, she is set to light up the Winter months with her sheer positivity and joy!




it is her positive attitude, exuberant personality and a touch of Southern hospitality that makes her instantly loveable. With a sensational voice that is guaranteed to bring a chill to your spine and a tear to your eye, she proves she is more than a singer, more than a performer, she is an inspiration. When Marisha tells you she’s “here to stay”, you’d better believe it!"


You can read the rest of the review here...


All I can say about her voice is WOW. 




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Late Arriving Valentine's Day music:


“It’s always been a joke in the King Crimson camp that there’s never a line for the women’s restrooms during intermissions,” says Deborah Mastelotto. “King Crimson plays loud and it’s often intense and raucous. But it can also be haunting and melodic, with some of the most beautiful lyrics ever. We wanted to help uncover that sweetness and introduce the songs to a different type of audience .”
So, Valentine’s Day 2021 sees an unexpected surprise with the release of A Romantic’s Guide to King Crimson, a 12-track album of reinvented King Crimson material by the husband-and-wife duo Deborah and Pat Mastelotto. The addition of a female singer automatically changes the feel of those songs and places them in a different genre. Our idea is to create a way for people, especially women, to appreciate the beauty of King Crimson’s music without the fear and sometimes resistance attached to the word ‘prog’ getting in the way.”


interesting concept, however, half way through its initial spin, I conceded to my wife who has bravely taken in King Crimson with me,  The line at the beer concession, shall we go? 

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