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Understood. I recently went through and purged 75 records. Was somewhat traumatic but was stuff I really didn't see myself listening to. It was quite difficult to find that many.

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it is a traumatic event. Purging some older records is my next step. I have not touched them for over 20 years and I will get my son to help with this phase.

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2 hours ago, BobTFM35 said:

@Sk1Bum @Receiver2000 Ok, after seeing all this great new music I added more shelves to my storage rack. Broke out the table saw and added two new shelves of storage; about 110 cd capacity,  to handle the influx of tunes.



Pictures????   Or it didn't happen - to quote a friend, here!  :D

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@Brian_at_HHH The two white shelves are from Lowes. They had to be cut to width and length. Also added black ones. They were made out of mdf and will hold about 35 cd's each to help handle the expected overflow of "New Tunes" coming out in the near future as viewed on this site.


The white shelves are expected to hold 56 to 70 each depending on the case thickness dimensions. So my math was a bit off, and the total holding capacity for all is about 185 +.



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9 hours ago, Brian_at_HHH said:



I think my computer certainly was.  Sorry about those - not sure w-w-what h-h-happened. :IAJG::V:(*,)


Hmm, now you see it, now you don't. :D

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