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Black Faced M1.0t MKII Opt 2

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I have a Dennis Miller modified Black Face M1.0t MKII Opt 2 for sale.  This was upgraded from a M1.0t that I have owned for many years.  It developed a problem and I decided to invest in the upgrade just to keep from seeing it parted out.  It has one the new black face plates that Russ Krall is selling on eBay.  I am just trying to get my investment back.  I will let it go for $650.  The unit is still in Dennis' shop.  The buyer will pay shipping from Dennis.


Here are some details from Dennis....  "I just wanted to let you know I finished the amp.  Right now it is in my shop system for listening test.  The Black Faceplate looks good in my all black system.  My normal amp is a M500t with the black faceplate.  Troubleshooting was easy.  A cold solder joint on a small pre-driver transistor.  I find these old amps suffer from a lot of cold solder joints.  So I went over the whole amp looking for weak joints and fixed them the best I could.   Over the years we have made some improvements to RichP’s original work.  Same electronics but the mods are all on adaptor boards now.  Looks nice and makes doing the work easier.  This is the first amp I have used Nelion Audio’s (Greg Garska) new High Voltage Capacitor Board.  Very nice easy install.  You might want to show Greg the attached pictures and tell him what you think.  I ran the amp for over 100  hours continuously averaging 100 Watts.  The amp never took a hit and ran mildly warm to the touch.  The mag coil is one of the quiet ones.  No turn on growl like I have heard on other amps. "









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