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The Man In the High Castle.

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First, a huge shout-out to @Sk1Bum for pointing me towards this outstanding series on Prime. 


A brief warning - it does start slow. However, after the first 3-4 episodes (consider that time character building), things start to really take off. I find the premise intriguing, to say the least: in the series (set in the early ‘60s) the US lost WWII, and Germany controls everything east of the Rockies, and Japan everything West. The Rockies are the “neutral zone”, and more or less free. The acting and character development are superb, and there are some flat-out flooring reveals. The fourth (and final) season releases on Nov 15th. I can’t wait. 



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Looks intriguing. I got started on Philip K. Dick in college, the class Science Fiction & Religion, in the Philosophy Dept. (not my major). I've not seen the series.  Cracking open the yellowed pages:


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