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Bob on the forum ? Why not ?

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I've asked before, but it would be really nice if Bob Carver wrote a post here on the forum. Even a simple greeting to the largest community of its fans on the net.
Do you think it is a vain hope? I honestly don't understand why he doesn't interact with the users of his creations, like Nelson Pass's style, or how Paul McGowan does.

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You'd have to ask him, I think.   My thinking from anecdotal thoughts shared over time is that his focus is more on the technology, innovation, and such.  Not really interested in the social media or internet forums...  I could be wrong.


Best way to answer that question in terms direct to the question is to attend CarverFest in the fall each year.  He's there!.


I recall a post from Greg a couple years ago at CF, where Greg showed him how to see TCS! on Bob's phone..., but ...


I actually applaud Bob for having such a sharp focus on doing only the things he wants to do with his time.  My observation, anyway. 


Jim Clark @Ar9Jim of Jim Clark Stereo, speaks with Bob regularly, he may also have more insight.

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