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Carver T-Shirts

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I had a small batch of these shirts printed while we were at CF this year.  I am going to order a few more and wanted to make it available for any others that might be interested.  To keep it simple the offer is limited it to 5 colors (Black, White, Light Steel, Red and Navy).  Shirts may be ordered with or without the back printed.  So if you want a simple T-Shirt with only the small Carver logo on the front breast area that is an option.


The cost is $20 each with a $2 upcharge for sizes larger than XL.  Shipping will be $10 per order via USPS mail.


Please PM me with ordersPlease do not post orders to this thread.  I will take orders for a couple of weeks and then place order with the printer.  I estimate it will be about 4 weeks until the shirts are ready to mail.






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