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Jack Ryan

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I’ve been watching this series on Amazon Prime while (anxiously) awaiting the next season of Man In the High Castle to arrive. 


It it took me a couple of episodes to “let go” of my visions of Harrison Ford and Alec Baldwin as Dr Ryan, and embrace John Krasinski in the role. I’ve just started season 2, and as someone who’s read more than a few of Clancy’s books, I can say that THIS is how the stories of Jack Ryan’s adventures should be told on the screen.  I’ve always thought that Clancy’s books were just too detailed and in-depth to translate effectively into a 2 hour film. The 8-10 hours afforded by a season format on one of the streaming services (Prime in this case) is the ideal format. 


The production is well done, with a very good mix of action, drama and character development. It’s gritty when it needs to be, violent when it needs to be, and presents a few ethical dilemmas that are salient and thought provoking. It also steers clear of taking a political stand, which is challenging given the content. The real gem, in my opinion, is the chemistry between Ryan and Grier. Acting is solid throughout, and it’s leaving me wanting more. 2 seasons so far, with more planned. This could be a real “brand builder” for Prime. Highly recommended!



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