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Hello from Ireland

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Hi all, my name is Peter

New to the forum and to Carver audio equipment.

First time posting on an audio forum.


I found a used and abused TFM-35 (made in Japan) this summer.

Did a partial recap (PS), some diodes and resisters replaced, new VU filament bulbs, new Alps Blue pot and aluminum knob. Working like a champ since, it's like a warm graceful accurate and charismatic giant. Cost me €165 all in so far.


A few weeks after the TFM-35 was reborn, my brother saw a C-11 preamp for sale.

Carver gear is super rare in Ireland - how lucky is that!?!

It was eventually acquired, works fine. Sounds pretty amazing to my ears. cost €80

I plan partial BillD modifications for this preamp: Caps, some resistors, transformer, rectifier, pot cleaning/some new ones, remote control for volume.


I came here for the modification details, hope to be able to contribute in some way... seems like a nice community here


Gears for my ears: -


Monitor Audio RX6, Wharfedale Opal 90, Van Damme Blue Cable, Dedicated silent PC with Hi Res Media fed dig-optically to... Cambridge Audio Azur 740c CDP/DAC, Sony PS-T33 with mods, Nagaoka mp11 boron, Sony ST-333L, Arcam A85 integrated with phono mm/mc card, Carver C-11, Carver TFM-35...


Other bits: Sony HMK-808, Revox A77 r2r, Luxman L30... getting a full overhaul.


I put a few photos here, not sure if that works ok.

The box of components on the floor contains some nice new capacitors for both units.

mmmm..... capacitors .....


Happy weekend everyone ☺️




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  • Community Admin

Welcome to the Forum @kaibosher.


You have found a good community here.  Glad you did.


Nice pieces you have picked up.  This is the place to find info on restoring and modding those.


Welcome !!

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Hello kaibosher, and welcome to thecarversite.com. We're glad you're hear. ;) There is a lot of information here, much technical know how, and a pretty good bunch of folks that are happy to help.


Nice gear. The C-11 is a great preamp, and you got a great deal on it. The TFM amps are very popular here too. 


Kick your shoes off, turn up the volume, and welcome aboard.



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8 hours ago, kaibosher said:

Hi all, my name is Peter


Hey Peter, If you don't mind saying, where in Ireland? The reason I ask is the company I work for will be sending some folks to Ireland to install a system for Wuxi Biologics. I think the installation is in Dundalk, and we also have shops in Fermoy and Cork. I may be visiting your country when the install gets going. It will be a few months though as we're still building the system in our shop. I think the final testing stage is scheduled for March, and then we'll tear it down, and ship it to Ireland.

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Welcome to the site Peter! Congrats on your gear and refurb jobs! It’s a nice feeling ( and listening) to refurbing your own gear. There is plenty of information and great techs to help you with refurbing and upgrading it. Enjoy the site.

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Welcome Peter!  Nice setup, and at a great bargain, on top!   


There are lots of folks here who can, and will happily help you with the modding (myself excepted - I'd happily help, but you wouldn't be happy with it. :D).  It sounds like you are quite capable when it comes to working on the gear, so yo will find plenty of kindred spirits, among he people, here.  🙂


I the mean time, enjoy the music, and let us know what you listen to.  🎼



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Welcome to the site Peter.

Glad you found us and decided to tell us of your refresh of your gear and thanks for the pictures of your system.

You got a nice collection of gear there, bet it sounds as good as it looks, cheers............

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