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Steve Ford's Junk

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Downstairs system:

M1.0t Mk. II.002, Oppo 981, Stax Sigma Headphones, signed DTL unit

Sonic Frontiers SFL-2, Jolida Jd-100A

Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 power supply, HHb BurnIt Plus 830, TX-11a

Silver interconnects from Ben on this and the Polk Forum, Tributaries 12 gauge speaker wire




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That is true. That reviewer described it as being slightly euphonic so I was thinking the Soothing Strings Of Mantivani played through grandpa's Magnavox console but nope.  Maybe he was just look

You asked for it, here's Mr. Happy! On second thought, the big system has undergone a few upgrades recently.   It's still based around Magnepan 3.7s and I picked up a pair of passive SVS cyl

Yes, he was a good guy. RadioEngr (I  believe he went by) picked up an Otari reel to reel for me and brought it to a CarverFest and Gary was good enough to bring it home for me to pick up at his

Posted Images



One last crummy photo of the downstairs

Magnepan IIIAs, SVS sub in corner


Mmmm, maggies... I have a set of original MGII speakers. Got them last year. So far:

- replaced tweeters (Magnepan sold me a kit)

- Solen caps in the crossover (old ones were reaaaaally old)

- new socks (black sound transparent fabric from PE) coming tomorrow

- frame is all stripped and waiting for the warm weather to become a mahogany frame

- stands are waiting to be stripped and become glossy black :)


Will run them with Velodyne ULD-15, which was completely rebuilt from ground up...

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Moving to the upstairs, the first photo shows the 1.6s (with nice dog urine stain, thank you) and a small NHT sub.

The second photo shows The Magic Chair which was a Christmas gift from Lynda. You sit in that chair with the music on and you can't move. It's great.

The third photo shows a pair of MMGs which are 15 feet behind The Magic Chair and are hooked up to an M500 Mk. II with a gain knob on it. That amp is set to about 8/10ths of the way up.

Funny how the flash goes right through the socks on the Magnepans.

The pink pillow in the unmade bed is Lynda's. Stop laughing.

The last photo is a VPI record cleaning machine. This was a great investment. The brush on the left dispenses the fluid, the one on the right sucks it up.





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Si. You might have to hunt a bit but they come up used every so often. This one needed a new mat and both brushes and is good to go.

As long as the record isn't damaged it will get all of the pops, clicks and other surface noise out.

The cleaning fluid goes on clear and it comes out the color of iced tea.

This one is an antique, the newer VPI-17s have a forward AND reverse feature on the motor for scrubbing both ways. Then again, this was $300 so I can't complain.

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Here's the upstairs cubbyhole.

I'm still waiting for a Jolida phono preamp but here's how it is at the moment.


Left column:

Beyerdynamics headphones

Well Tempered Labs Classic with Ortofon 2M Black cartridge

Jolida JD-100 CD player

M500 Mk. II with gain knob

NHT amp for the sub


Right column:

AKG headphones

Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 preamp

M500t Mk. II

Sonic Frontiers power supply

TX-11 tuner

Carver MV-5 CD changer




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That's exactly what it is. The whole thing is 12' with a 4' opening so that looked like a good place to stick the components.

To the left of it is the chimney and then a cedar lined walk-in closet.

The previous owner started to finish off the attic and was making it into two rooms. I ripped down his framing and made it one gigantic bedroom that runs the length of the house.

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Yeah, that styrofoam is starting to melt, ha, ha.

I'll order the risers next week when I get some more pennies.

Replace the tubes in this and the cd player and then just one more piece and the Cubbyhole of Death is done Done DONE!

Well, maybe. I need some sort of power conditioner, dag nab it.

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I'm trying to.

If anybody gets that Jolida phono stage, you'll see why they say to experiment with the impedence settings. 1K, which is where they said to use with the Ortofon, just killed the top end.

4K, which is the next setting, was quite a bit better but needed copper interconnects to keep it from being quite so shrill.

The instruction manual either wasn't too clear or I was unusually dense last night. There's two connections available for hook up - preamp or line level. Line level is NOT the way to go with what is known as a line level preamp!

Regular preamp hookup is much better.


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