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While I'm waiting for FedEx to show up, I managed to repair the headband on my old Sigmas (bought new probably in 1983) and did a temporary lash up with some extra junk I had collecting dust:

Rega Saturn CD player, Conrad-Johnson MF-2275 amp, Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 preamp.

This fall I'll drag it upstairs and mate it with a Harman-Kardon tube tuner RodH gave me a million years ago.

Kind of overkill but this stuff all works really well together.

I call this shot house sinks to the left while mismatched ottoman basks in the camera flash.




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The Stax 404s are here, tube amp runs hot, headphones sound tremendous.

I always think of Obi and how he liked his recent Stax headphones more than his Martin Logans and he was right, sound quality is spot-on and tons of detail.

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