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Ummm - I suppose I didn’t think that through...  

Holy thread resurrection BatMan !!!!

Downstairs system: M1.0t Mk. II.002, Oppo 981, Stax Sigma Headphones, signed DTL unit Sonic Frontiers SFL-2, Jolida Jd-100A Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 power supply, HHb BurnIt Plus 830, TX-11a Sil

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Thank you - the members on both Carver forums were (and continue to be) a tremendous help.

The Jolida cd players are nice and are what I use 95% of the time because I'm lazy but the turntable just kills it.

Jolida phono preamp emits an odd noise if you don't turn it off last, by the way.

The sound of David Manley's designs are definitely an addiction; wish I could afford to just buy new but that's not going to happen.
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Me happy camper, finally got my Magnepan 3.6Rs delivered.  Next up is to change the speaker grills/socks from beat up beige to black. 

Made some connectors from the crossover box to the speakers out of Kimber 4TC cable and that really seemed to do the trick.

Will post pics as soon as they're done up with the new socks.
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Sun comes in through the side and not too much at that.

Black socks are here so this weekend I'll give them a facelift.

How do they sound?  Similar to the IIIAs but much improved midrange, bass and top end appear to be the same. 

Guy who was buying my IIIAs bagged and didn't even show up for a listen so they're up for sale again. 
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I'll take some pictures for you shortly.  The right hand VTL screwed up (hunka junk made some really loud banging noises through the speaker) so it's in the shop at the moment.  The left hand one did the same thing for the original owner many years ago and had it repaired in his living room so it can't be all that big a deal, I hope. 

Got the black socks on which look world's better than that biege stuff. 

Nice to look at, maybe I'll even be able to listen to actual stereophonic sound on it someday...

Good news, it looks like VTL used some caps beneath the tubes which aren't quite MANly enough.  Should have the right hand amp back where it belongs next week. 
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I finally bought a decent camera (Nikon D50) and now just have to learn how to use all of the features.  I did manage to snap off a few of the downstairs with the new black socks on the 3.6s.  Much classier looking, I think.
As for the sound, much improved midrange over the IIIAs and it's a "you are there" experience when you crank the volume.  The fellow who bought my IIIAs brought over a RTA device and it was nice to see that I'd integrated the sub just about spot on doing it by ear.  The Maggies do roll off right at 40 hertz so the sub is a plus

The system measured pretty much flat, by the way.

While I think of it, the effects of the Bedini Ultra Clarifier are very apparent on this system; I imagine that all it does is remove static electricity from the CDs. 

What I need to do next is to get some Mye stands or perhaps have something similar fabricated to do away with the wimpy legs Magnepan provides.  I'm also going to try reversing the speakers so that the ribbons are on the inside.

Beauty shot of Mr. M500t's risers which really class things up plus provide a little more room for air circulation.

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Thanks - Magnepan just came out with 1.7s which I'd love to hear.  Way out of my price range, though (2K). 

Will have to content myself with sticking black socks on the 1.6s next month (Fido pissed on them, too).  He's gone but not forgotten...
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