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The universe is always giving you a hug


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WE all get depressed at times.  The next time you are thinking its all a bit too overwhelming, or that the universe is against you, just remember:



"Mass tells space-time how to curve, and space-time tells mass how to move."  ~ John Wheeler


He probably wasn't thinking this way at the time, but since YOU are mass, the universe is always giving you a hug!


An animated look at how spacetime responds as a mass moves through it helps showcase exactly how,... [+] qualitatively, it isn't merely a sheet of fabric but all of space itself gets curved by the presence and properties of the matter and energy within the Universe. Note that spacetime can only be described if we include not only the position of the massive object, but where that mass is located throughout time. Both instantaneous location and the past history of where that object was located determine the forces experienced by objects moving through the Universe.

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