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New Manual Database is in Progress

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Thank you for being diligent @Will Meyerabout making the manuals database the best it can be with all the manuals you are purchasing. I agree with you and I appreciate you efforts.

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I've made it a point over the last few years to seek manuals that aren't in the database, and when I find them (assuming the price is affordable), I've been buying an original copy and donating it to the site.


I just aquired an M-0.5t with the original owners manual. The site does not have a copy of the manual in the database.


Would The Carver Site like a copy?


In the past year I've been reaching out to @dennismiller55 and sending him the manual to scan. Dennis are you still the manual czar? 


Let me know. In this case I think I'll keep the original manual and have it scanned at FedEx Office. I'll send in a digital copy.

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M-0.5t OM scanned and sent in to Dennis.

I'll continue to keep my eyes open for other manuals.


It's getting harder to find docs that aren't in the database and my thoughts are that as the years go by its only going to get tougher.


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On 2/28/2021 at 8:21 PM, Will Meyer said:

A bunch of manuals showed up on ebay.

I went through them, it looks like there may be 3 that we don't have in the database.


If this can be confirmed, I shall buy them and donate them to the site.


The manuals are:


SX-20 Service Manual


KLW Audio (M2030, M2080, K MOS, 2100, 2200, 4200) Service Manual


PMA-2022, PMA-2062, PMA-2100, PMA-2150, PMA-4075 Service Manual.


I've been keeping eyes open for manuals we can add to the Database, but its hard to find something we don't have.

(Of course when we do get it, someone adds it to a disk and sells it on ebay - but I shouldn't digress).


If you have a lead on manuals we don't have, let me know.

I'd love to see this site with a full set of reference docs for the community at large.

I just bought a pma 4075,   it looks like a really nice car amp, but I cannot find any info about it anywhere.



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