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This just comes as curiosity (shipping question)

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Go figure I work for the postal service and here I am asking a shipping question.


Is there a benefit to having a business account with either FEDEX and UPS in terms of pricing for shipping?

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5 minutes ago, Sk1Bum said:

Just having a personal account at FedEx gets you a considerable discount. 

Interesting... I don't know how much I would use it, as I am just looking to get my M-500 a round trip to get mkii'ed

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I set up a FedEx account, and have a USPS account for several years..., have avoided more accounts (like UPS, DHL) just due to a desire for simplicity.  And, well, the devil one knows over the devil one hears (more) horror stories about, at the time I set up the accounts.


Phone tracking for both FedEx and USPS is good, and if you have a FedEx account, you can redirect a shipment from your home, to a FedEx Kinkos facility for pickup.  That comes in handy if you work when they are going to deliver, and the item requires a signature (like an Amp!).


As for discounts - the best discounts are to use the Online FedEx tool to do your package/shipping labels.  If you go into the KinkosFedEx store, they refuse (at least to me) to give me the discount saying that they are doing the work...  Actually, I prefer doing my own labels at home, ensures I have everything right, I can triple check it, and there's no one in line behind me tapping their foot to hurry up.  (true for USPS and FedEx)  then, all I have to do is drop it off - they scan it into the system, and bam, tracking begins.


I find ALL online shipping software tools (FedEx and USPS) to suck, however.  C'mon, it's 2020, and these tools require a PhD to learn.  They have a lot of options, and are not (generally) workflow or human-logic UIX's for normal people.  Basically, they function, based on the perspective of FedEx/USPS..., hire one Apple or Microsoft UIX designer, and I bet they would benefit from more business, just by simplifying the tools...


I have yet to figure out their billing..., that tool eludes me to know end.

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