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Sunfire Manuals and Schematics are up

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The Unicorns have been rounded up and organized.  All Sunfire manuals and schematics are now available on the site.  No whining allowed, a better access mechanism is in the pipeline, but at least you can get to them.


Many thanks to Dennis Miller, Dominic Zumbini and a very generous fellow named Rolando.  Without them, our Unicorns may have been lost or hopelessly scrambled.


Where are they you may ask?  And before you ask, that's right.  You gotta select the Carver Equipment Database to get to the Sunfire Manuals.  And at the bottom of the Carver Manuals page is a tab labeled Sunfire.  Click that for all the Owners Manuals and Schematics we could find.  There is still lots of sales material and spec sheets that will come along some day.








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Well Done, Guys!!!!!!!!   That's a huge accomplishment!


Greg/Brian:  Perhaps the top level links can, at least, point to the same spreadsheet, if not to the right tab, so the Sunfire folks don't miss them?

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