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Guidelines for the Trading Post

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The Carversite is primarily a community. We want a safe and pleasurable site for all that want to participate here.  We do allow buying, selling, and trading in the Trading Post area. Listed below are some common sense guidelines for use of the Trading Post.


To use this area, you must have reached Novice status. Inbounds can read but not post to this category.


The Carversite Administrators, Moderators, and Staff are not responsible for your private transactions. The Carversite is not responsible for the outcome of any transaction of any kind. Caveat emptor!


If you list something for sale, please post pictures and describe the condition in as much detail as possible.


If you list something for sale, be honorable and stand behind it.


If you sell something to another novice or member, make sure that it's packed properly to minimize the chances of shipping damage. If in doubt, ask questions. It is your responsibility as a seller to do everything in your power to ensure the package is delivered safely. Pictures of the packaging process will help get the item reimbursed if there is shipping damage. Don't be afraid to take too many pictures.


If you buy something from another novice or member, be reasonable. If there's a problem, contact the other party privately, and give them a chance to make it right. Again, be reasonable, and do not expect perfect pieces for throw away prices.


Do not bash each other in the forums. This will result in sandboxing of both parties.


Novices can buy, sell, and trade here: https://thecarversite.com/forum/50-novices-gear-fswtb/


Members can buy, sell, and trade from the Novices area and here https://thecarversite.com/forum/17-members-gear-fswtb/


Any evidence of wrongdoing submitted to the Staff will result in Sandboxing, and then a permanent ban if necessary.



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