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Identify the cover photo

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I shoulda put corona masks on them.   Ya know, someone should market masks with the Corona beer label. Screw the trademarks and copyrights.

Well, if you want to make the contest a little more difficult, you might consider changing the link that appears when you mouse over the image; the artist, artists, or group's names are usually part o

I thought Tom Petty had the "Heartbrakers" ?   Joan Jett "was" a heart breaker... LoL

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1 hour ago, Turbo said:

Nice pic of The Rippington's!  Listen to them all the time. And that's their 20th anniversary photo it looks like to me.


Give that man a star, oops, he's got 3. Another cookie then. :D 

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  • Community Admin
2 hours ago, Charlie said:

Looks like The Headpins have arrived... 🎶


give that man a star--when I can :D


2 hours ago, johnrotten said:

The Headpins. I still have some vinyl of this band including the backwards passages on "feel my body". While she had a bit of a butterface, Darby Mills sure could belt out vocals.


I still have 2 Headpins albums too. She was dubbed "The Queen of Scream."

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