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Picked up some of Wayne (Kingman)'s gear while visiting at Ed (sea)'s house last weekend. It's an honor to own some of his gear. Phase Linear Dual 500. What a beast! It weighs close to 80lbs and

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On 1/5/2021 at 8:13 AM, itchitch said:



What were your impressions of the Ohm?


Looking at a pair locally.

Those speakers belong to Ed (sea). I'm not recalling the the brand at the moment but pretty sure they are not Ohm speakers. Now Eddie not be confused with Ed brings a pair of Ohms to CF every year and runs them with a pair of Black Beauty 305's and they sound really nice and smooth. I I think he has several models of them maybe he could chime in and tell you more about them. 

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@itchitch Ohms are actually very good speakers. I haven't had the chance to listen to the Walsh 5's but my brother had the bookshelf model L's and they are a great speaker. I see some Ohm I's for sale in the Detroit area for 900 dollars that I would love to have if I had the cash. 


I have some K-2's but they are small wattage speakers. But I like the sound. Very good sounding speakers and the company still provides service and parts for their line up. 

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