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New Access to Carver Related Sales Flyers > Downoads

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Could someone ease my frustration today?


I can’t locate the “flyers “ on my iPhone. 

A screen shot perhaps?


Mr Needy


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I just tried the downloads section, works great. Before, I downloaded the brochure from the manuals section, that is why it worked......duh.....grin

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On 4/19/2020 at 12:31 PM, dennismiller55 said:

I added a bunch of Sales Flyers that we inherited from our late good friend Wayne Kingman.  


They can be viewed by clicking the Sales Flyers link in the "Downloads" section.  



Thanks so much Dennis!!  You're the best !!

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Thanks Dennis and Wayne!


At one time Wayne had both or maybe even three of the sales adds for the TFM-75. They changed the front layout of this amp at least once maybe twice before it went into production. It would be really cool to find these and add to the collection.


Edit: Found it!


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@dennismiller55 That is a pic from a 1992 stereo review magazine. It was found by fill35 from this forum. I had remembered it from when I first saw it back in the day but that's all I had to go on.


Sorry I don't have anything on a sales flier but sure would like to see one. When I picked up my amp I really don't remember there being one available yet.

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