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5 hours ago, B-Man said:

Great Karma !! Thanks.


BTW - Whatcha using the ARP hardware for ?

well.... lol about 5 years ago I built my dad a 347 stroker motor for his 73 ford e100 van. Blue printed and balanced all forged. Fully built rotating assembly can hold 1500hp block can handle 600 before cracking afr heads cams headers carb full msd nascar radiator and a ton of other parts. Built trans peg leg turned into 3.73 posi 4 wheel disc brakes. I think you have a good picture of the time and money invested in this.


about 2 months ago he took it to a shop to have the timing cover gasket changed due to water leakage. Whoever worked on it destroyed it. Hooked up the radiator hoses backward. Unfortunately when he took off he didnt see what was done let’s just say it got hot blew the head gaskets and stretched the arp bolts. They also destroyed the electrical to to the msd billet distributor and ignition box. I’ve done fixed the msd components. Afr heads are at shop being checked. So the arp on the table are the new studs i decided to go with instead of bolts.

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