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I have an MD/A-420 that is for all appearances in very nice shape; however, the bearing surface on the drive side of the lead screw that drives the laser is worn. 


I'm looking for a replacement (eithe the subassembly or donor unit) if I can find one and its reasonable.


If I'm unable to find a replacement, I shall try to build up the bearing surface and see if I can get it into serviceable condition so I can use it.


I'm open to cash or trades.

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I bought it used and it had been taken apart and incorrectly assembled. I reassembled it correctly and found that when then previous owner assembled it, he tie-wrapped the wires too tight and it was binding the mechanism. 

no magic or skill on my part here. 

I just cut-off the wire tie and fastened it with a new one allowing for the appropriate slack. Works great now. 

BTW...  the nylon wire ties, in the aviation industry they’re often called Panduits. I think it’s a brand name like Kleenex. Have you ever heard that term term used (kind of a trivia question)?

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