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What's the WORST song, ever?


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1 minute ago, Turbo said:

I'd have to go with Richard Harris' MacArthur Park.  I quite liked the music, but the lyrics were atrocious and just ruined it for me.



I didn't make it to :30 before I was grabbing the kill switch. But! (and it's a big but) There are acceptable versions. So I can't change my #1. Good try though.



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4 hours ago, Packratt said:

I'd say it's a toss up between anything by Yoko Ono and 99% of rap ever produced

Ah yes, Yoko.... How could I have forgotten this Yoko inspired “gem”....🤮



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‘Tequila Sheila’ by Bobby Bare


my wife MaryAnn and I move to Carlsbad NM in 1979.  Town was totally void of rock music!  Country and mariachi were all that was on the radio dial!  To this day I cringe when I hear this song!  Was played a lot on all the radio stations!



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5 hours ago, kve777 said:

OK, If we're going down THAT hole, here's the all-time champ:


Noooooooooo Not 10 hours!  At least it’s not baby shark!

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