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1 hour ago, gburke said:

I am even farther down the rabbit hole 🤣


You, sir, are just SOOOO doomed!  Welcome to the club- come on in, the water's fine, just don't feed the piranhas!  :b--  Time to go Mk Ii Opt 2 on the M1.0t!  If you think the basic amp, is amazing...


Still, great choice - you can't go wrong with one of those.  ~^

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2 minutes ago, Rob said:

Who better to take down into the hole with you than a friend you can trust. |-|  ROCK ON @gburke It should make those CV's sing. 

The MKII definitely will.......grin

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1 hour ago, Rob said:

@gburke And just think, It all began by looking at a center speaker for your Klipch surround system. 😂

@Robdang, I forgot all about that speaker, been in the spare room closet ever since I brought home the mxr and cv's 🤣

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  • B-Man changed the title to M1.0T
21 hours ago, gburke said:

Thanks to my buddy @Rob I am even farther down the rabbit hole 🤣 Just added a M1.0T to my MXR-150. I must say, I am very impressed. Now, to see how long i can go before upgrading more. 


Welcome to the rabbit hole. You're just beginning. It's addictive. What is even more impressive is if you like that M1.0t stock sound the mkII and mkII opt002 will put the sound quality on a higher level. It is an upgrade well worth the money. 

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