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Phase Linear preamp Karma

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 I inherited this Phase Linear 3000 preamp from a local repair shop that closed earlier this year.

I wanted to pass it along to someone who needs the parts or wants to try and repair it. Preferably someone

with Phase Linear gear and repair experience.

 I dont know if it works , or anything about functionality. The cover plate screws were missing and i found some

temp replacements that work to hold the covers on. All the knobs and buttons are there and the faceplate looks good,

cosmetically in decent shape. I did plug it in and some of the lights lit up, I think it was the low filter and phono.

 It is FREE, but if you feel you can help with some of the shipping cost I would appreciate the help on that.

First CarverSite member with at least 100 posts, sez, "I want it", gets it. I have more pics if ya need them.

Feel free to offer any suggestions or questions if ya got them. Thanks.









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  • Community Admin

Awesome karma vinylnut! Thank you for offering it up. Congrats Rob. I hope it gives you many years of audio bliss!

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55 minutes ago, vinylnut said:

Hi Rob, you got it and congrats!!! PM your address.

I got another medal, woohoo! thanks!

Thank you very much @vinylnut. I have been looking for a pre amp for awhile and this will fit in nicely. And congratulations on the award. Looks like both of us got one today. |-|

Edited by Rob
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3 hours ago, Rob said:

This will be well taken care of and brought back to its original state. 


Make sure you reflow those board connectors! (see my PL post :) )


I love the look of the PL equipment .

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I definitely will reflow them. I learned from a few projects that board connections go bad over time and just a simple removal of old solder and resolder can make a world of difference. 

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