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live wire power conditioner

Tascam CD-200

Emotiva UMC-200

Carver AV-405

Carver M-0.5t

Denon DP-300f turntable

polk LSI-15 mains

Mirage nansats for surrounds


changed the picture, close up of the rack mounted gear and an overall picture of the entertainment console.  I made the console with the idea of left and right 19” rack mounts (I play guitar and was going to make the left side into a guitar rack, never got past the idea stage on that one). Center channel speaker spot was made for the Polk center channel speaker.  The rest of the cabinet dimensions are based on those 3 design criteria.  Cabinet was finished in a purple/mahogany stain with multiple coats of poly.  


 By Carver wattage standards, these are pretty tame amps but my wife said she heard me playing rush about 1/4 mile away from the house so I suppose plenty powerful enough 🙂




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On 10/15/2020 at 7:58 PM, Maddmaster said:

System looks great. You have great carpentry skills looking at that cabinet. It is really hard putting a quality finish on the wood to make it look like that. You're the Man!

Thanks, appreciate the comment.  Wish I still had my woodworking plans for the cabinet, they are comical.  Forgot to wear a dust mask when spraying the finish... varnished my nose hairs... dumb move

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