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Rental Car Damage

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Last month my wife and I had to drive from Spokane WA to Bozeman MT. We rented a car for 24 hours. I talked her into getting a Dodge Challenger R/T. It was pretty awesome.

The young man behind the counter suggested I take some photos of the car before and after use since we were declining the offered insurance. He even suggested to take phots on angles to show dents etc. This was great advice.


This month, another couple, my wife and I rented a Ford Flex to drive thru Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho again, Washington and back to Oregon. 15 days and 3000 miles. The Flex was not our first choice but it was the only car available. I took pictures before and after the rental. Trip was great.


A few hours after we dropped the car off, we receive a call from the rental company advising us the vehicle was damaged and it was our fault. I asked for a picture of the vehicle and damage. The drivers window was cracked- bad.






I sent back a photo showing a undamaged window and the undamaged window in the spot we left it.


The rep called back and said they were not going to pursue a claim and said "this happens in our car wash sometimes".


I'm relieved to have had the photos but now a little pissed that we were blamed first. It would have been pretty hard to miss the drivers cracked window by the person taking it to the car wash.


This was a place were you leave the car without a check out person which seems to be the norm at smaller airports. In addition to photos, I may ask them to come out and check car before I leave.


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