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Your Brain Makes You a Different Person Every Day

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I can see this....I know its 'activity fluctuation' effects how well your ears "work" and thus how music sounds to you on any given day (also wax buildup in the ears: of interest is that after recently clearing out this wax via WaxRx system from my ears, my system actually sounded LESS "tubey" and more like the SS amped system that it is. PERHAPS the wax was "smoothing out" the sound?? Still detailed and nice, but "smoother").


I'm also a big believer in the belief that our brains pretty much "assembly" our entire world from the electromagnetic light waves (basically "wiggles" in a field) that enter through our eyeballs and the sound, smell, touch, sense info that comes to our brains through the other senses. The Assembly of this info IS our consciousness and being (IMO..).  When this info stops coming in, we cease to exist (at least in this world..) because our assembled world ceases to exist for us. Whatever...carry on! 😂

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