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New member from Vancouver, Canada

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I have been a fan of Carveer products since the early 80's when I purchased a M 1.0t  I was so enthusiastic about Carver gear, when I was in Seattle on business, I drove to the Carver office in Lynnwood to see what the place looked like.  I parked in Bob's parking stall (no one was there on a Sunday)  I have a photo somewhere. 


Have admired  Carver products from a distance however due to time constraints and financial constraints of raising a family music listening really got away from me and is one of my passions.  Now I have time and some money, looking for a C or CT to drive my 1.0t and Sansui 4-way SPX-11000s.  Would like to experience the Digital Time Lens and of course Sonic Holography.


Would appreciate and suggestions on which units are the better ones and which ones to stay away from.  This is strictly for 2 channel listening, have high end Denon and Paradigm for home theatre.


I have some manuals and old marketing materials that I can scan up once I have access.


Thanks for having me eh!



Vancouver, BC CANADA

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Hi Canuck007- WELCOME!!!

I like your handle and your Lynnwood story!!! Sounds like something i would do. Great to have you with us. Lots of good stuff happening around here all the time. Great group of guys to hang with. Very helpful, nice funny guys. I am certain that a few of our techs will be chiming in soon about recommendations for you. They are the ultimate enablers and they do it oh so covertly sometimes. Enjoy!!!

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  • Community Admin

Hello Kevin, and welcome to thecarversite.com. We're glad you're hear. ;) There is a lot of information here, much technical know how, and a pretty good bunch of folks that are happy to help.


Personally, I recommend either a C-1, C-11, or 4000t for your M1.0t. I have all 3, and all 3 are outstanding. The C-1 and 4000t have been restored and upgraded. The C-11 will be someday... 


There are almost always C-1s on ebay, and there are a couple of 4000ts on ebay now. The 4000ts don't come up near as often as the C-1s.

Once you get to Novice status, please consider uploading some pics of your gear in the Members Systems area. We all like pics of all kinds of audio gear.

In the meantime, kick your shoes off, turn up the music, and welcome aboard.




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Welcome to the group, Kevin!  It's great having more of us from North of the '49th, here, even if you are way out on the left coast.  


Your story is all too familiar, so definitely welcome to the club of finally owning some fantastic Carver gear!  


Love your story - if you ever find that picture, PLEASE post it - that would be a fantastic addition, here!  :D


As for SH and DTL, SH, if you have an ear for it can be dangerously addictive.  That was what left me overwhelmingly interested in all things Carver.  DTL is far more subtle.  For adding SH, pick up a C9 unit - there are often plenty floating around, and if you look you can find a good deal.  Much cheaper than going whole hog on the system, and a great way to try out SH.


DTL units are also pretty available, but they are really intended to go in line with a CD player to give it a little more, shall we say, turntable-ish type sound.  I don't find it makes a huge difference to me, but SH is something I can't live without, now (my main system currently has 3 flavours of SH in it - no OCCD problem here!).   

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6 hours ago, jeffs said:

Is this some type of Canukstan dialect? LOL.


Yup, it's called using words with more than one syllable - keeps most Yanks thinking we're talking in code.  :)


(And yeah, I 'm sure I'm going to get sandboxed for that one - worth it, though !)

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Thank-you for all the well wishes and the warm welcome. 


The journey begins, I just bought a C-16 and a TX8 so we will see how they do.  Totally prepared to have to recap the C-16 given its age.  Anyone know where there is a list of parts required or mods for that unit.  I have looked around the site, still figuring it out.  Sounds like this BiiD guy was the bomb, sorry I missed him.  Anyone know who services these in British Columbia.  After COVID, I will be able to deal with this stuff from my place in Blaine, WA where it is reasonable to ship to and from.


I picked  the C-16 for SH and the fact that is has 2 loops for external processors.  I have a DBX unit and a 31 band EQ to bring into the mix.


Look forward to contributing, seems like an awesome group.

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Hi Kevin,


We have the schematics and maybe an original parts list for the '16 in the manual database.

The BillD mod was for the C-1/C-11.

The C-6/16 had more in common withe the C-19, they are a bit of a different animal and not nearly as common as the C1/11

InnovativeAudio in Surrey currently has a C-16 for sale, I assume they could service one. I have dealt with them a few times, good folks.


Which dbx unit do you have?

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I have a DBX 3BX-DS, A Sony Equalizer SEQ-333ES (rare), Yamaha Stereo, 31 Band EQ Q2031, Sony STRD 4ES Receiver, Sony 5 Disc SACD player in my 2 Channel stack.  Waiting for the C-16 to come so I can replace the Sony with that and my 1.0t that has been sitting for years, hopefully it still works.

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