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What are you reading - Fiction.

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Several years ago, I used to read before bed every night.  Then, with the advent of the IPad, I got into the habit of surfing the web, doing crossword puzzles, and checking the various news sites I frequent before bed.  Lately, I’ve gone back to reading, and I’ve found I sleep MUCH better than when I “IPad” before bed.


I am always reading two books at a time, a fiction book, and a non-fiction book.  I typically read fiction before bed, and non-fiction in the morning and at lunch. This thread is for the Fiction books that we are all currently reading.  See THIS thread for your current non-fiction reads.


Hopefully I’m not the only reader here (and willing to discuss some great literature)!



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I'm a Scifi fan. 


I used to buy paper books, but since getting a Kindle, all my purchases are in electronic media. They definately take up less room.


Currently I'm reading a space opera, The Lost Fleet, by Jack Campbell.

I'm on book #2 of the series, Fearless. 


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18 minutes ago, oldtexasdog said:

Alan Furst

Historical spy novels. Like potato chips you read one and you will be reading the rest.

His research. Is very impressive. Kinda like a mix of Clancy at his best and John le Carre for depth.

That sounds right up my alley - thanks for the reference!

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