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Moved a few things


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7 minutes ago, Wilkic65 said:

Moved a few more things...


polks are out and klipsch are in

they are happy pushed by the mxr150


next goal is hang tv and get a floating entertainment center 


Wish I had your $$! Looks good buddy 

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I finally got motivated to reconfigure my system.  This had been my setup for a while.


I was using a pair of Elac Uni-Fi bookshelves for my center channel. As you can see the placement was not ideal.  I thought a couple shelves would help remedy the issue. So I headed down to Home Depot and bought a 1"x12" piece of pine.  After a few cuts, glue and screws, and a can of black spray paint I have a configuration I like much better.


The Silver 9Ts are no longer precariously perched on the M500t (mkii'ed by @Daddyjt btw). They now have their own little cubby. For airflow the back is open and I Swiss cheesed the sides for good measure.


The benefits of this configuration is that I get the center channel off the floor and can now use my NHT AC-2 center channel that will better match my 2.9 front speakers and 2.5i rear speakers.


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