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Here’s my system in my Study. It’s a repurposed bedroom, so it’s not the optimal for acoustics, but I’m happy with it.


My Carver stack on the left is (From Bottom up):

TFM-45 purchased from and rebuilt by Ray, this drives Magnepan LRS speakers

TFM-35 purchased from Carter and rebuilt by Greg, this drives JBL LX-55 (10 inch 3 ways)

TFM-35 rebuilt by Ray, this drives Altec System 3’s (8 inch, 4 driver, 3 ways)

TL-3600 10 disk CD changer

TD-1400 Cassette

SD/A-490t CD Player

C-15v (Note: Greg is rebuilding my C-16 – This will be slotted in - replacing the C-15v)

DPL-20 (currently not connected, but will be connected to an external processor circuit on the C-16 for remote function and playing with sound effects for casual listening).

TX-12 Tuner purchased from Carter

Teac X-10 Open Reel deck


The stack on the right contains (again bottom up):

Adcom ACE-515 (hidden from view)

Yaqin SD-CD3 Tube Buffer

Yamaha DVD-C740 CD/DVD Changer

ADC SS-525X Equalizer

Harman Kardon T50C Turntable with an Audio-Technica AT160ML cartridge.


In addition, I have a Pioneer SW-MkII subwoofer under the desk.


The surplus Pier 1 racks are working out for now. Future plans are building a wooden rack, replacing the Pier 1 shelves, but will follow a similar layout/design. And of course, upgrading the C-15v with a refreshed C-16 complete with Gundry filter.


I have 2 other Carver Systems, one in the shop and the other in my wife’s office. I’ll attach pics of those shortly.


Currently, I’m putting together my Home Theater/Music system. I’ve got all the gear for that. The centerpiece for the music system is a 4000t that recently came back from Nelion all rebuilt. When that is finished, in a couple of weeks, I shall post that system.


I want to thank everyone on this site for their advice and guidance. The postings have been most helpful. I really like the technical discussion and the ability to reference archived threads and past discussions.


Thanks All!




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A crazy collection of gear, surely your chest is bursting with pride.

Interesting to see the reel to reel tape player but I don't hear much about them on the site; how does its sound compare with other forms of media in your system?

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I like the reel to reel. I actually have two, the other is an Akai GX-636.

I use them daily, largely for background music while I work.

The tape is twice as wide as a cassette, while the speed is twice as fast on its slowest setting (3.75 ips) or 4 times as fast (7.5 ips) at its fastest (cassette plays at 1.875 ips), so it has a much better response than a cassette.

I use only new tapes.

The sound is great, it does have a very analog sound to it.

My first reel to reel was a Sony TC-850. It had a alot of noticable hiss. My current units have none.  

I've found a tech wizard in Surrey, B.C., Canada. He's refreshed both of my decks. Its hard to find a tech with both the knowledge and equipment to service this type of equipment, I was lucky since he's so close - its only a couple hour drive when the borders are open.


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