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Gratitude Post - TDR2400

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For Thanksgiving, a kind member here, Walrus Gumboot, sent me his pristine TDR 2400 dual cassette deck free of charge, as a gift, because I don’t have a cassette player, can’t afford one and I have hundreds of my old live gig tapes on audio cassette and no way to listen to them! This has been one of the greatest gifts of my life really- the kindness of a stranger and rediscovering my musical past. Thank you to everyone that helped him find me and especially thanks to him for making my year. Merry Christmas everyone! 


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  • Community Admin

Pardon my French, but that 7'n rocks! Merry Christmas Ln310, and thank you Walrus Gumboot for helping send 2020 out on a high note, low note, and all notes in between. :D 

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14 hours ago, jeffs said:

bump ...

This was incredibly generous and I don't think that it got enough views before falling off the front page ......




2020 has sucked in so many ways - but, yet, in light of that, there are bright points of light in every dark day (year).


Great to highlight one! I'm sure there are many more.

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  Now is it just me, or is that the 'drummer' in the live performances in the photo? I only got to play a short presentation performance with my father. Wish there were more.


 This inspires me to offer the A220 amp of mine up for Karma. Keep watch.


BTW, yes, the folks at this site have been incredible in what they have offered back and forth. Thanks all for the help and more over the years.

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Wow!  Had that collection of tapes been "ordinary" cassettes, this would have been really really awesome.   


Given the treasure of what is on those tapes, that takes this to an incredible new level!   WAY TO GO W.G.!!!!!  WELL DONE, Sir!   ~^


@Ln310 enjoy those and please preserve them if you can.  Far too much of such recordings have either been lost been lost or just lost to enjoyment.

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7 hours ago, Walrus Gumboot said:

Thanks for all the kind words.  I was inspired by the generosity afforded to me by other members of the site and was happy I could do the same for another member.


That was a VERY class act!  Thank you for the inspiration.  :)

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