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Happy Birthday Barry G!!

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Happy Birthday Barry! I hope you have a great day!


Happy Birthday.gif

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Happy Birthday Barry..., 


Time to break out tunes, and crank it up..., 


Treat yourself to something new..., like those LRS's you want !    Today it might be safe to pick them up. 😉 

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  Barry, Glad to see that you get a day to celebrate. I watched you go through too much at one time, and maybe this is a breather day for you. Enjoy the MOMENT!

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Thank you all!  I had a wonderful family get together.  We all met at moms retirement community, only 2 can visit inside at a time due to COVID, so we met the whole group at the outside pavilion.  In the wind, Mike had trouble lighting the 65 candles, so I did not have any candles to extinguish!


it was my favorite cake, spice cake with butter icing! Afterwards brothers went to my brother Bills and we had pizza!


it was a fine day!  I feel 2021 is going to look much better than 2020!



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