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I need help navigating the site

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Hello, I am trying to figure out how to post and answer and participate in discussion.  Can I talk in real time to people?  It seems that most of the post are older and not in chronological order.   I'm having trouble knowing if someone has answered my post.  Where do I add a response or respond to a question posted on the forum?  Also, where do I list my current equipment the way I see on other members posts?   Thanks for you help.


Bill T

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  • Community Admin

Hi Bill,


The most recent posts scroll in a feed across the main page. All you have to do is click (or tap) on one of them to read that topic. You can jump to the most recent post in that thread by clicking (or tapping) on the time/date link on the right hand side, just below the poster's name.


Please read this, and make an introduction there. Create a new topic, such as Hello from (where ever you're from, no need to be specific). Tell us a bit about yourself, your introduction to Carver gear, and your current setup. 



There are no hard, fast rules. Those are just suggestions.


These are just general instructions, as display is quite different depending on what device you use to access the site. Site navigation is quite different with tablets and phones vs a PC or Mac.


I hope that gets you started.




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Welcome @BILL T.  


My suggestion is to just keep poking around..., best to learn by clicking.  And, with a bit of experience, you'll get the hang of where things are.


And, for me, the search box is my friend..., try different key words and combinations, with different booleans, just like you would with Google.


...and, this could be crazy-talk..., I never use a "smartphone" to do serious work/browsing. I use my desktop computer with two big-screen monitors driven by an Nvidia GEFORCE graphics controller.  My laptop is also better than a smart phone (for my taste).  Others may disagree.  A lot of time and effort to post high rez pictures that detail very small things that a picture is worth a thousand words to describe..., exist here on the forum.  And, well, a smart phone is not going to show me the text AND the image...  And, also may hide some of the navigation abilities..., 


my $0.02.


Glad you found us.

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