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The biggest A$$-Holes in music history.

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3 hours ago, PhilDent said:

I apologize in advance to all you Doors fans out there.  The biggest axxhole in the music business that I ever met was Ray Manzarek.  I did a shoot at his house probably 25 years ago. He was on camera to talk about, of course, Jim Morrison. There was a technical glitch that was my fault which would have caused us to restart the interview and re-do about 10 mins of filming.  Instead of being cool about it, he ran upstairs like a petulant child and refused to be interviewed any more. 


No need to apologize. I think there was something wrong with the lot of them. The writer/investigator Dave McGowan found their story very interesting; the band materialized from nothing, fronted by a bloke who, despite having no musical training, happened to have quite the library of songs already written, all arranged by a film student who had little keyboard experience. Reading Mr. McGowan's perspective on all that went on in and around the Laurel Canyon crowd was quite interesting.  

I was an enormous fan of the Doors in my day, but the luster has worn off. If their story is true, we're listening to the crooning of a madman, if it isn't, well we're being played aren't we. 


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