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The need for aggressive expansion

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Been a long time for a system update.

took me about a year to get to this point. Still not finished. Eventually



the system so far


2x carver 1.0t magnet killer option 2 power plants operate the Empire State buildings upfront and the Eiffel towers in the back (stereo) 


2x carver cathedral of pain 8 channel power plants powering 7 channels of the atmospheric pressure system


1x carver total fkn madness 75 giga watt power plant powering 2 18” a home down foundation killers in my designed boxes


1x Sony ear synthesizer 3100 for stereo and multi chan processing 


1x lg 120hz 4k visuals


2x 20tb HD’s for 4K visual streaming


1x Sony 4x eye processor player


7x Sony atmospheric pressure system with 50khz signal output on super tweeters. (Multi channel only)


3x intrusive ai overlord voice recognition system (controls all TVs and audio in every room as well as smart plugs by voice command or smart app)


audio playback is through flac and 24 bit uhd streaming


sewell banana plugs throughout


monoprice cables 


400+ft of speaker wire


ghost wire for the walls


mount it for wall mounts


Empire State buildings piggy back as the  front channels for 7.2.2


Stereo consists of 4.2 


1 rigid electro shock therapy protector for tv player hdd hidden under top shelf


no line conditioners


amp to wall like the good lord intended


Anyways enough of the snake oil bs

this system was actually designed to run 4 subs. Tfm75 and 2 pt1800s to power all of it. 1800 to each 18” and the 75 to run the 15s that match which would of given a total of 5100 watts on the subs. 

however I came to a point to where I wanted to test my boxes before spending another 200 in materials to finish them. In that testing I have found it unnecessary to implement that system. 

as my old lady complains of breathing issues and chest pains at around 1/2 volume. At full volume she has to go outside however it vibrates the air outside as well if you let the door open



it’s an experience indeed


whats yours?





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Very amusing description of all the components for this thunderous system you have built. I like it!!!!!|-|Are you sure there will be a door left for your wife to escape through? 😂 


Real nice job assembling the massive home theater system. ~^

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6 hours ago, PMAT said:

what are those coffins?


They look like VMPS Super Tower II's to me.

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only drivers different between the two are the ribbons and the Piezo tweeters on the top back set
only reason why they play well together


searching for a 2nd set of iia/rs but that’s pretty much non existent 

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A close friend of mine used to have a pair of Super Tower IIs driven by 4 bridged Carver M400ts, That was the loudest home system I've ever heard,


I went to his house one day, and in the driveway I could hear Ozzy screaming Crazy Train at live venue volume. I get to the front door, and just wait until the song ends to ring the bell. My friend's wife answered the door, and asked if I had been there long?


I said since the beginning of Crazy Train. 


She said she'd turn it down so we coud all talk, and when we went into the living room, their ceiling fan had shaken loose from the ceiling and was lying in the floor with some chunks of drywall. She didn't hear it fall.

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