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Post a quote from your day without any context

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OK. Pay attention this time. I'm not a racist, I'm an a$$hole. I know it may be too subtle for you, but there is a difference. D!ckhead.

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We're not allowed to do that any more.  Do you know who is?

"You use the CLUTCH to put it into gear"

"I like how you jump when I touch it."

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Look, it's like this. You can't do anything without some prick making a cel-phone video and then having a bunch of SJWs whining to the authorities. Get the permit first.

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3 hours ago, AndrewJohn said:

"given the choice, doc, her hands are about half the size of yours, can she give me the digital exam?"

And people wonder why I have a female doctor!  🙀😺

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